25 Interesting Facts About Dubuque:

1. The best way to avoid riding your bike up the bluffs: take the 4th Street elevator (you can take your bike in the elevator).

2. The 4th Street elevator is the world’s shortest and steepest elevator.

3. In 2006, Money Magazine named Dubuque as having the shortest commute time of any city in the nation at only 11.8 minutes.

4. Dubuque is captured in three motion pictures: F.I.S.T., Take This Job and Shove It, and scenes from Field of Dreams.

5. The best place for hiking trails: Mines of Spain.

6. Dubuque is home to the turkey & dressing sandwich. Look no further than Cremer’s Grocery.

7. Betty Jane Candies is a Dubuque icon and completes every holiday.

8. The Trapestine nuns are known nationally for their caramels.

9. Kate Mulgrew, the Star Trek Voyager actress, is from Dubuque.

10. The residents of Plymouth Court have lit luminaries lining both sides of the street every Christmas night since 1935.

11. Euchre is the favorite card game of Dubuquers.

12. Marco’s is known nationally for their pizza.

13. Happy Joe’s Pizza is a fix every home-grown Dubuquer must get when they visit from out of town.

14. Dubuque is the oldest city in Iowa.

15. The best views from the bluffs are at Eagle Point Park, Julien Dubuque’s grave, and Gramercy Park in East Dubuque, Illinois.

16. Dubuque’s record annual snowfall was set in 2007-2008 when the city received 76.2 inches.

17. Fishfly outbreaks occur once every summer and last about a week. The insects mate, lay eggs, and die within 24 hours. In death thousands of insects create an overpowering smell and potentially serious traffic hazards.

18. Dubuque’s Independence Day Fireworks Display is among the top 10 best displays in the nation.

19. In June 2007 Dubuque won the All-America City Award, one of only 10 cities nationally to do so.

20. The courthouse is the only one in Iowa with a gold-leaf dome.

21. The floodwall along the Mississippi River is a popular place for walking, running, biking, and rollerblading.

22. Morel hunting is a popular springtime activity. These mushrooms are indigenous to the area and can be found at the Farmers Market if you don’t have an affinity for the outdoors.

23. Fincel’s sweet corn is on every Dubuquer’s grocery list in August. They set up a stand at various places around town and are at the Farmers Market. Get there early or you’ll miss out!

24. Sundown is the only Midwest resort granted the National Ski Area Association Award of Excellence. The challenging trail known as “Gunbarrel” offers a slope 38 percent of vertical.

25. RE/MAX Advantage Realty has been the #1 residential home seller since 1991.